Wellness Programs

Individual Wellness Program

Clients enroll in our online Wellness Program and receive an initial coaching session to help them get started. For the highly motivated client, this alone may be sufficient. For most people, they require more accountability and one-on-one involvement to make the lasting changes necessary to realize their goals and make significant changes to their lives.

What you receive:

  • Access to our online Wellness Inventory Program, Assessment and Resource Center for one year. Includes assessments, email reminders, online journal, and other online resources, plus a baseline and follow-up wellness assessment. A $49.99 value.
  • Wellness Inventory diagnostic. This will be taken as an initial assessment for a baseline and for information from which your Personal Wellness Plan and Program can be created.
  • Personal one-on-one telephone coaching session to support you in understanding results from the Wellness Inventory and ensure that your Personal Wellness Plan is realistic and will help you reach your stated goals. Pre-inventory session: 20 minutes; post-session: 40 minutes; follow-up session: 20 minutes. A $100.00 value.

Our Individual Wellness Program: only $149.99!  

Additional coaching is available at $120.00 per hour, offered in 30-minute intervals, recommended to be at least 3 times a month if not once a week.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Contact us at 954-385-8434 for more information on our Corporate Wellness Programs.

We bring our 12-year history to your organization to improve the wellness of your employees and your organization itself, by creating a wellness program that is customized to fit your specific needs. Our years of experience with organizations, collectively over 100 years among the four top consultants, means that we are not your typical wellness program offering. We also bring expertise in the areas of organizational efficiency and productivity management, leadership training, project management, marketing research and marketing, as well as backgrounds in finance, systems, investments, and, of course, wellness.

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Wellness Pilot Program

For a limited time, Common Boundaries is offering a beta test pilot Wellness Program for utilizing our Consultative Coaching Model. The cost to the organization is less than half of the regular price. This will include a pre- and post-test to gather data about the effectiveness of including this program as part of your existing wellness programs. Your organization will have access to test data, not only for your own program, but the aggregate pilot data as well. Contact us at 954-385-8434 for more information on our Wellness Pilot Program.

For Coaches: Take your wellness program to the corporate market. Utilize your center’s own signature strengths into the program to create your own unique corporate solution.