How to Create Your Own Sanctuaries of Relaxation and Renewal in Your Everyday Lives

Experience the unique healing power of sacred spaces from across our vast planet, then explore what unique message each sacred space means to you and how you can use that information to rejuvenate your life every day.

Program Objective

Increase the level of awareness of participants to how traveling to different places (the idea of adventure) and concentrating on the gift or energy that place can give as a tool to increase their satisfaction with life. Give participants tools to help them bring the relaxation experience of vacation or travel to Sacred Spaces back into their daily lives.


Participants begin with a guided visualization to help them relax and learn how to do guided imagery. Then they find a partner and share what they saw and learned. This information is used as a baseline.

Next, participants learn about creating their own mandala or Sacred Spaces Totem. They learn about energy centers in the body and what it can mean for their overall well-being when one of their energy centers is blocked.

Then, the group experiences a guided visual, sound and movement experience together that takes them through the seven energy centers of their bodies, using seven different Sacred Spaces as their tour guide. Afterwards, they record their experiences on their Sacred Spaces Totem (uses markers, crayons and other art supplies to complete their personal totem). This will serve as a visual anchor for them back in their daily lives about which Sacred Space resonated most powerfully for them and what energy centers responded to specific Sacred Spaces. They will be taught how to use this tool for self-diagnostic in determining what Sacred Space they need to travel to (in person or in thought) to help clear the blockages in a certain energy center. In this way, the Sacred Spaces tool is dynamic and practical.