Life Coaching

Questions & Answers

Life coaching gives you a new sense of your own power to create the results you want, regardless of circumstances or current conditions. Common Boundaries’ Consultative Coaching services offer a partnership, a one-to-one relationship that provides support and encouragement. We help you tap into your special skills and natural talents to create a more fulfilling life, at work and at home.

The First Step

We invite you to spend 30 minutes with Debbie Gawrych or one of the Common Boundaries certified coaches on a complimentary phone consultation to share your vision of your ideal future. There is no charge for this call; it’s part of the service we provide. You’ll experience coaching firsthand and see the value it can produce for you. Call 954-385-8434 to schedule an appointment or e-mail us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can’t I coach myself? 
    Yes, you can coach yourself. It’s called self-talk and willpower. It works when you remember, or when you are in the mood. And your self-talk is filtered through the lens of your past experiences and willingness to be open to feedback—in other words, it is open for distortion. It is almost impossible for people to be completely objective about themselves. That is where a coach can be helpful. A coach can be an objective partner, listening and giving feedback without the personal distortion that comes with self- talk. This will give you clarity and the opportunity to prioritize your goals and actions and keep moving toward what you want and away from what you don’t want.
  • What is the investment?
    Coaching is priced based on what you need and what you want to achieve. After discussing your goals, challenges, and opportunities we will look at what best suits your needs. Most clients prefer either weekly coaching calls or three times a month with a longer initial session for specific assessments (i.e., career planning, personality assessments such as Myers-Briggs, SDI, DISC or Firo-B). Typically clients benefit most from a partnership of six months; however, some people work with a coach for a year and beyond. The decision is up to you. However, the minimum time is three months. (Average pricing is between $375 to $540 per month commitment depending on need.)
  • What do we focus on during the session?
    That’s up to you. You’re in charge. Typically, you identify what you want to accomplish or what changes you want to make. We look at the roadblocks you’re encountering and then develop strategies and tactics. You share problems and challenges, and we talk them through. You vent, if necessary. We create as you talk. You discover things you didn’t expect to and even learn things you didn’t think you needed.

“Each session is so powerful. I take notes and review what we’ve discussed in between sessions. The questions you ask me and the insight I’ve gained has truly been transformative for me. I decided to stay in my job and within a few months of coaching found myself a more valued position. I had job satisfaction and the confidence that I could take care of any new problems should they arise.”

—H. Flamholtz, Wachovia

  • Whom do you work with? Do you have a coaching specialty?
    Common Boundaries’ coaches work to empower individuals so that they can in turn make a difference to empower others: teams, organizations, corporations, small businesses, families, nonprofits, government, and academic institutions. We have developed specific specialties with: corporate and professional coaching, life coaching, relaxation and creative potential work, transition planning, leadership development, and spiritual coaching. Our clients are coachable, ready to grow, and are willing to work through challenges to find new solutions to old problems.  We help them tap into their unlimited potential—and make quantum leaps of understanding.  We help our clients unlock this potential and guide them, if they are ready, to the experience of the joy that comes from relaxing into one’s own power.