Team Empowerment Program

Building Team Spirit, Morale, and Pride at Work Gets Results

Team spirit is not just for high schools and sports fans. Building team spirit, morale, and pride at work enhances productivity and efficiency and leads to tangible economic and relational benefits. Our action learning program, “Team Empowerment Program,” provides a framework for teams to develop improved morale, pride, and spirit that can make a positive difference at work.

Teams are potentially the most powerful human resource a company can call to action. You want your teams to tackle problems with ideas, energies, and ambitions toward a common vision or goal. But that is no small task. As employees are faced with downsizings, budget cuts, tighter schedules, heavier workloads, greater cultural diversity, and rapidly changing technologies, they find it increasingly difficult to meet responsibilities, let alone become animated and inspired to deliver extraordinary service.

And extraordinary service is a must-provide, especially in today’s competitive business environment.

Program Benefits

  • Provides a positive safe learning environment to see individual and team behavior more clearly.
  • Helps the team build to higher levels of functioning and performance to drive for results.
  • Offers a complete training program to either initiate new teams or to revitalize existing teams to achieve new levels of performance.
  • Provides structured, experiential, and action learning that builds and supports language from other development programs.
  • Is refreshing and custom-designed to fit the culture and team needs.
  • Uses trained facilitators to provide suggestions for next steps for the individuals or team.  

Empower your team with this top-notch three-day program and see your company reach its potential in today’s marketplace. We use well-established team models, time-tested experiential tools, and can even add both high- and low-ropes components for more exciting and powerful team experiences.