Improving Communication Skills

Miscommunication is probably the biggest single cause of business foul-ups. Even though you think you were unmistakable in your instructions and you think the other person understood, something goes wrong and the product is not what you wanted. What went wrong and how can you know that what you want is what you’ll get?

Common Boundaries’ “Improving Communication Skills” will show you how to get your message across clearly, precisely, and at the right level. This one-day program helps you quickly diagnose communication style preferences and position yourself to communicate from power, not force.

  • Learn power questions: how to ask targeted questions so you can get answers.
  • Create an appreciation message.
  • Deliver a conflict message.
  • Identify and maximize communication style preferences.

Stop stumbling around and missing opportunities because of communication snafus. Learn the profitable art of precision communication with Common Boundaries.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Programs

“After completing the program, I found myself wondering how I could have afforded not to have participated. I took away from the session a greater understanding of myself.”

—Wachovia employee

“Working with Debra and Common Boundaries has been life transforming for me. I am more content and more empowered to be the kind of person I am meant to be. I feel that I have the tools to create what I want out of life. Instead of feeling powerless, I feel powerful and confident to face any situation that may come my way.”

—Wachovia coaching client