Building Productive Relationships and Higher-Functioning Teams

Common Boundaries offers yet another exciting opportunity to take part in a powerful, interactive and easily integrated leadership and team-development program. This is the first in the special Leadership Development Series that provides a basic foundation for managers and leaders. As the prerequisite to the Authentic Leadership Intensive, this off-site program uses real-world and practical examples to help each participant understand the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) assessment and the process of respectful confrontation.


The “Building Productive Relationships” program is a one- or two-day, off-site program that uses the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) to help identify the unmanaged stresses that cause negative interactions and unproductive behavior in the workplace. This time-proven assessment helps us understand why we behave the way we do in certain situations and discover our motivations for behavior as well as the motivations of others.

Benefits of This Program

  • Encourages team-focused orientation rather than self-focused behavior in order to drive to results more effectively.
  • Teaches you new communication skills and tools to read and understand what motivates others in order to build more productive relationships.
  • Builds trust and rapport to create the foundation for a higher-functioning team.
  • Teaches a method for effectively understanding and dealing with conflict.
  • Develops collaborative leadership both within the team and within the larger organization.

Who will benefit:

  • Leaders who wish to build higher-functioning teams.
  • Organizations that desire to drive for results and understand theimportance of building trust between team members first, and providing them with tools in order to hold each person accountable and make the commitment needed to reach and exceed goals.
  • Managers who desire to expand their leadership skills and develop leadership/managerial skills in their subordinates.
  • Companies that desire to increase their level of customer service.

With the ever-changing demands in the workplace, stress can build and build. Stress that impacts one individual has implications that affect all members of a team and how they react to one another. Relationships can provide some of life’s most rewarding and enriching experiences. They can also generate misunderstandings and frustration. With the help of Common Boundaries, participants in this course will discover the tools to allow them to make choices toward building more productive, positive relationships.

A recent HR study conducted by Mercer Consulting indicated that the loss of productivity due to lack of trust and collaboration among individuals in teams can cost the organization up to 40% additional expense a year. This is because when there is a lack of trust, there is a greater need to put in more risk and accountability systems to ensure the quality of the work.

Here is what some of our clients have had to say about our program:

“As a new Wachovia employee and ex-Accenture consultant, I came to this program thinking I had seen it all. I was surprised to experience one of the best programs I’ve ever attended. It was powerful, as professional as a leading Fortune 500 company and left a lasting impression on me and my work. I look forward to the advanced program.”

—Alan Wages, Wachovia

“Our employees came away with new ideas, excited about work and enthusiastic about the road ahead.”

—Terry Henry-Hayden, Procter and Gamble, Manager

“We combined this program with coaching. We could not have made needed significant organizational changes without the support and information we learned during this powerful and practical program. It took us beyond what we thought we knew into innovative and creative ways of living our lives at work.”

—Rick Orr, Wachovia, Basel II, Risk & Continuity

“Empowering! Educational! Exceptional! These are just a few descriptors participants used to describe Common Boundaries’ program at our conference.”

—Stanley J. Gajda Jr., University of North Carolina, Office of Student Affairs

“Increased employee satisfaction and retention, leadership capacity, interpersonal flexibility and ‘heart at work’ . . . and the greatest benefit has been the increased satisfaction of our clients. Even they have noticed that our group is behaving differently and making a much greater contribution and impact toward realizing desired business results.”

—Drew Harvey, Wachovia, Solutions Consulting Group