Authentic Leadership Intensive

Developing Leadership Skills and Awareness for Transformational Change

Attend an energetic, ground-breaking course from the company that is a leader in transformational change. Common Boundaries provides an experience that will change the way you look at leadership and give you and your employees tools for building high-functioning teams.

 The “Authentic Leadership Intensive” program is a five-day, off-site program that focuses on the Five Key Elements of Authentic Leadership: Self-Awareness, Authenticity, Active Creation, Integrity, and Connections. This interactive and experiential program is designed to develop each participant’s knowledge of his or her own leadership and communication styles. A prerequisite to the Authentic Leadership program is “Building Productive Relationships,” a one-day program.*

In this powerful program, which uses experientials such as mask-making, low and high ropes, and in-class teamwork, participants:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of leadership from a personal and team perspective.
  • Learn how to build more productive relationships with teams, organization, and self.
  • Discover tools to create breakthroughs in problem relationships and dealing with conflict more effectively.
  • Develop more powerful trust and teams that drive to results.
  • Assess themes and patterns that drive behavior and use them to coach and mentor others.

Common Boundaries has worked with several well-known companies including Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and Choice Hotels. Here what some clients have to say:

“One of the most noticeable changes for me has been my awareness of how I interact with others. The 360° feedback coupled with some of the other tools have enabled me to have a better understanding of my behaviors and how they are perceived by others and more importantly why I behave the way I do. This knowledge has given me a much stronger level of self-awareness and areas that I can work to change.”

—Authentic Leadership attendee

“By defining and then staying grounded in the ‘purpose’ it is much easier to navigate the course. On a personal level, I feel much more centered having a defined ‘purpose’, and from a work standpoint, I believe the defined purpose will act as our rudder steering us all in the same direction.”

—Wachovia employee

“Initially, I didn’t feel as though I had the time to spend three days out of the office away from more pressing matters to devote energy to another ‘soft approach’ to team building and effective leadership. However, the high level of team engagement and participation on Day 1 allowed me to step back and observe the authentic purpose and desire of folks around the table to reach full potential. Needless to say, by the end of Day 2 and throughout Day 3, everyone was completely engaged in what I feel was one of the most insightful and worthwhile professional and personal development sessions I’ve attended while employed at Wachovia. We were allowed to pull back the onion several layers to get to the root cause and effect of a number of personal and professional dynamics. Individual disclosure of areas of improvement and feedback from peers allowed everyone to develop a personal action plan and the opportunity to become a better teammate and effective leader.”

—Wachovia manager


*Building Productive Relationships is a program that uses the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), an assessment to help the individual discover unique motivations for behavior under changing circumstances. This one-day program will provide a chance for Common Boundaries to personalize and restructure the Authentic Leadership Intensive to specifically fit the participant’s needs.