Adventure-Based Team Building

adventure-based team building

How do I get my team to develop trust and better communication skills?

How can we enhance our existing training and build our team up to be a high-performance group?

A properly facilitated simulation or experiential learning environment can be an effective tool for team building. Common Boundaries offers experienced-based learning retreats that get results. They help participants transfer learning and make connections from the team-building activities to the office environment. The ultimate goal is to increase workplace productivity. So our learning labs reflect the issues you face every day in your business—limited resources, changing specifications, budget constraints, client satisfaction, and time deadlines, just to name a few.

Programs offered include:  

  • Ropes/Challenge Course: (In conjunction with Blue Ridge Learning, courses in North Carolina and Florida.) Challenge courses are designed to create an environment that allows participants to explore and discuss team issues that occur in the workplace. More than 100 hands-on events are available; so whether we provide a sit-down cognitive challenge or climb 50 feet up in the air, teams have an incredible opportunity to stretch the limits, break through barriers, and truly practice working together!
  • Overnight Retreats: Can your team set up camp in the middle of the woods? Who will be the chef for the night? Who’s going to tell the scariest ghost story around the fire pit? This highly interactive experience allows for deep relationship building and exploration of self-perceived boundaries by defining who people are as opposed to what they do in the workplace. Your team will “wake up” and realize new levels of success both for the organization and themselves!
  • Rock Climbing: Participants will spend a full day top-rope climbing and rappelling at one of the beautiful natural rock cliffs in the North Carolina mountains. From the hike up, to the exposure, to the actual climbing, we promise an exhilarating day to remember. Supportive and experienced guides provide excellent instruction and ensure safety.
  • Team GPS/Orienteering Courses: Do you know where you are? How about where you are going? If so, do you know how to get there? Orienteering, the art of navigating by use of map and compass, is a critical skill for outdoor adventurous types. Do you want to learn how to hit the open trail and wind through rugged terrain? We explore the history, learn to use the tools of the trade, and then head off on a navigational adventure.

Call Common Boundaries to help you plan your next team-building program. We combine adventure and fun with practical, take-it-back-to-the-office skill building.